ZDF have claimed that IBA refused accreditations for their reporters ©Getty Images

German public-service television broadcaster ZDF have claimed that the International Boxing Association (IBA) refused the organisation accreditation for wanting to report "critically about the world amateur boxing association".

André Keil from the German Association of Sports Journalists have said it is an "intolerable encroachment on press freedom".

Journalist Markus Harm and a camera team wanted to report from the IBA Men's World Boxing Championships here, but the International Federation did not give them the accreditation.

According to ZDF, other reporters were also banned from reporting on the event.

"We're getting more and more into the totalitarian structures," the German Association of Sports Journalists said.

"However, this is a new quality.

"When has it happened in the last few years or even decades that accreditations were refused for completely normal reporting?"

The International Association of Sports Journalists (AIPS) also criticised the move by the governing body .

AIPS President Gianni Merlo has written an official letter to the IBA to address the issue.

ZDF is Germany's public-service television broadcaster ©ZDF
ZDF is Germany's public-service television broadcaster ©ZDF

"That's not acceptable at all," Merlo said.

"Freedom of the press is an important tool, (...) we protest violently against this behavior."

Two athletes from Germany were registered for the World Championships in the Uzbek capital.

The German Boxing Association (DBV) has claimed that athletes Youssef Lazar and Devrim Gökduman and trainer Pascal Stern is part of a private "travel group" and does not represent the National Federation.

The DBV has sent a letter to the IBA asking the International Federation to change their status to "neutral" and claimed the National Federation was not aware of the trio travelling to Tashkent.

Lazrar has already exited the tournament, while Gökduman has progressed to the round of 16 in the light welterweight category.

Other neutral athletes participating in the tournament are Oliwier Szot of Poland and Swedes Adam Belalia and Adel Belalia.

Szot is also eliminated from the tournament, after losing to Yuto Wakita of Japan in the welterweight category.