Ukrainian national teams have been banned from participating in events featuring Russia and Belarus, according to the decree ©Getty Images

The Ukrainian Sports Ministry has issued an official decree banning national teams from participating in events where Russia and Belarus are present.

Ukrainian Olympic wrestling champion and Member of Parliament Zhan Beleniuk has published the order on social media.

The decree is set to be implemented with the aim of "strengthening measures to prevent propaganda military aggression" from Russia against Ukraine in international sports, according to the document.

Among the five orders set out in the document includes one to "prohibit the official delegations of the national teams of Ukraine from Olympics, non-Olympic sports and sports for persons with disabilities from participating in international competitions in which athletes from the Russian Federation and/or the Republic of Belarus participate".

The decree also calls for officials to withdrawal from "business trips" if Russian and Belarusian athletes take part and urges all National Federations to “monitor the possible participation” of competitors from Russia and Belarus.

Officials have also been asked to "constantly monitor" sporting events involving Ukrainian sports federations.

Ukrainian Olympic wrestling champion Zhan Beleniuk, right, who is a Member of Parliament, has published the decree on social media ©Getty Images
Ukrainian Olympic wrestling champion Zhan Beleniuk, right, who is a Member of Parliament, has published the decree on social media ©Getty Images

Should sporting organisations be found to have violated the order, they face being stripped of state funding.

The document does not include the date of implementation of the decree and has yet to appear on Ukraine's Sports Ministry website.

Its publication comes after the International Olympic Committee recommended last month that Russian and Belarusian competitors should be allowed to return to the global sporting stage as individual neutral athletes as long as certain conditions were followed.

These included not having publicly supported Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine or being contracted to the Russian or Belarusian militaries or national security agencies.

The Ukrainian Government responded by ruling that its athletes will not participate in any qualifying events for next year's Olympic Games in Paris where there are Russians and Belarusians competing.

It said breaking this rule "may be grounds" for depriving federations of their national status.

The Ukrainian Sports Ministry is also working on supporting national federations which might be penalised by International Federations for refusing to take part in their events.

Ukraine's tennis body has reportedly said that not being allowed to play against Russians and Belarusians would lead to "the destruction of Ukrainian tennis".