Wilson and Playtomic signed an agreement to improve the exposure of padel ©Getty Images

Wilson, a racket sports brand, and Playtomic, a court booking platform, have agreed to promote padel in emerging countries that are heavily interested in the sport.

Wilson will benefit from Playtomic's access to provision of events, experiences and quality material where they can take the brand closer to the player.

Playtomic operates in more than 49 countries, with 4,800 associated clubs and 21,000 courts in their hand.

Playtomic will use Wilson's strong presence in the racket world to expand the sport of padel.

Wilson uses player insights to develop padel products and allow athletes to perform at their best.

Padel is one of the emerging on-demand sports in the world ©Getty Images
Padel is one of the emerging on-demand sports in the world ©Getty Images

Iñaki Cabrera, the global padel director of Wilson, talked about the main objective of this partnership.

"Wilson's brand mission statement is to promote healthy lifestyle habits through sport and empower every human to live like an athlete," Cabrera said.

"We firmly believe that padel is one of the key sports to achieve this mission, we are very motivated by this collaboration with Playtomic, with the main objective of continuing to grow the community of players and create a tailor-made playing experience to meet the player´s expectations."

Pablo Carro, the co-founder of Playtomic, added: "For us Playtomic is a lifestyle and we believe that together with Wilson we can help many padel players to improve their game and get the best out of this sport by customising the experience of each of the users."