Adidas has partnered with Soul Cap to promote the new cap ©Adidas

Adidas has struck a deal with inclusive swimming cap company Soul Cap, with the organisations creating a product together - a first of its kind for the sportswear giant.

Now on sale on the Adidas store, the cap follows the ethos of Soul Cap's previous products, making headwear for those with long and voluminous hair, particularly catering to black athletes.

They say this partnership aims to create better accessibility for all in aquatics, as well as improving inclusivity in swimming.

"We're excited to collaborate with Soul Cap to jointly tackle one of swimming's biggest barriers: accessibility," said Celine Del Genes, Adidas global general manager for specialist sports.

"We're driven to make the water a more fun, inclusive and social space and this partnership is another step forward in making that ambition a reality for all."

These caps are made 100 per cent from silicone, which Adidas says has less snag on hair and ensures a comfortable fit.

"Partnering with Adidas has given us a global platform to hold conversations around the barriers and lack of accessibility to swimming," said Soul Cap co-founders Michael Chapman and Toks Ahmed.

"Through this collaboration, we hope to encourage more people to take up the sport and build confidence in the water so they too can experience the joys of swimming."

Initially, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) did not allow the use of Soul Cap swimming caps in competition, meaning athletes could not use them at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

After a review, FINA approved the use of the cap, confirming it gave swimmers no advantage in using them, meaning better inclusivity for those with natural black hair.