Paul Foster believes that the staging of the Commonwealth Esports Forum and Championships has been a success ©GEF

Global Esports Federation (GEF) chief executive Paul Foster has admired the success of the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Forum and Championships with the curtain now pulled on the historic landmark.

The two events celebrated esports and pushed esports, as well as the technology industry, to the forefront of conversations.

Speaking to insidethegames, Foster believes they can look back on this period with pride.

"It has been an exceptional experience," he said.

"One of the things we have forgotten is how challenging it has been for the whole world to get here in terms of coming out of a pandemic and coming to live events.

"At the Commonwealth Esports Championships, I think it has been remarkable.

"The emotions of the athletes have been really uplifting.

"For me, the Commonwealth Esports Forum was a remarkable moment too because it really brought together the business community and also thought leaders and idea shapers right around the world from every continent.

"We also really tried to make it as inclusive as possible, meaning different voices and backgrounds."

These events have given the worldwide body another launch pad to expand its long-term aims.

Over the course of the events, Foster remarked that it gave the GEF a chance to communicate with Commonwealth countries and to hold discussions with the West Midlands, further building on their decade-long strategic framework signing earlier this year.

The Commonwealth Esports Championships was held for the first time in Birmingham ©GEF
The Commonwealth Esports Championships was held for the first time in Birmingham ©GEF

In terms of the immediate future, the GEF is looking forward to the continuation of the Global Esports Tour and the Istanbul 2022 Global Esports Games.

The Tour is due to head to China in September while Turkey will stage the Games in December.

For Foster, he has a particular way of viewing the sport’s path to growth.

"When I talk about the future, I actually talk about the now in the sense of this [esports] space is moving so fast," he commented.

"A couple of years ago, we were all talking about events, sport, esports and entertainment and the world has been able to see here that it is an incredible entertainment property.

"Esports feels like it fits in very well in terms of people in Birmingham coming in and having a look at esports and learning for maybe the first time.

"There is a bit more work to do around the work in education, like informing, sharing and being open to people coming and experience it."

He added: "I talk about quite often [about] limitless potential of what we do because in this medium where it takes a lot of technology and then humans.

"When they come together there are some amazing things you can do."