Swiss Olympic has introduced a club management course to strengthen voluntary work in the country ©Swiss Olympic

The National Olympic Committee of Switzerland has launched a club management course which is set to help Board members of sports clubs to exchange ideas and increase knowledge.

Aimed at strengthening voluntary work in Swiss sport, Swiss Olympic is hoping that the initiative helps to create a diverse club landscape.

A total of 18,300 sports clubs with two million users exist in Switzerland.

According to a survey, the lack of volunteers is a serious issue facing sports clubs in the country and the demand for volunteer Board members has increased significantly.

Those interested in volunteering can now register for the club management course which is available in the new Swiss Olympic Academy education platform.

Apart from the default course, volunteers can choose from 18 specific fields as well, depending on their interests.

"With the knowledge and management know-how acquired in the course, the graduates of 'Club Management' will continue to develop their clubs, their sport and Swiss sport as a whole," said Roger Schnegg, director of Swiss Olympic.

Lack of volunteers is a serious issue facing sports clubs in Switzerland ©Getty Images
Lack of volunteers is a serious issue facing sports clubs in Switzerland ©Getty Images

"That (leadership, accounting, prevention and legal aspects) was shown by the survey that we carried out at 3,000 clubs.

"That is why these topics are also the focus of the course."

The online course takes 20 to 30 hours to complete.

"We are convinced that with 'Club Management', which is designed as blended learning, we will strengthen voluntary work in Swiss sport and help attract young, motivated and well-trained people who will take on a managerial role in the club and support those who are already volunteers are active," Schnegg added.

"This, in turn, is a prerequisite for organized sport in Switzerland to be able to maintain and develop at its high level in the medium and long term."

Swiss Olympic has also activated the library on the Swiss Olympic Academy platform, which contains model concepts and guidelines that can be accessed by sports clubs and associations.