MMA India leadership were present at the IMMAF referee and judging course held in Mumbai ©IMMAF

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation's (IMMAF) referee and judging course saw 18 people from 12 states take part in the two-day session which featured a training seminar and practical and theory examinations.

The seminar took place in Mumbai and was conducted by IMMAF director of regulatory affairs Marc Goddard.

The MMA India Board, led by President Sharif Mohammed Bapu T, along with secretary Prasad Gaitonde and senior vice-president Ajay Marwah were present at the course alongside other Board members and national team coaching staff.

"It was amazing to see the excitement of the officials, who were doing the course, and Marc, who was training them," said President Sharif Bapu.

"It was a great knowledgeable session which lasted nine hours on day one and then seven hours on day two, which was very intense as the examination was in the mind of all the officials.

"I remember our time six years back when we were in the same position.

"We were a bit nervous, but excited as we wanted to be certified at the international level and help promote the sport of MMA while keeping in mind the safety of the fighters, which is the main objective of IMMAF."

MMA India has said it is committed to growing the sport and strives to achieve the highest level of training.

The organisation recently hosted its fifth open championships which saw nearly 25,000 people in attendance.