Russia has signed three cooperation agreements with Belarus ©Getty Images

The Russian Ministry of Sports and the Sport and Tourism Ministry of Belarus have reportedly signed three cooperation agreements.

According to the Belarus' state-owned national news agency BelTA, Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin said one document focuses on actions against doping and another is centred on outlining the plan for sport events.

The final one refers to the two countries' clubs and university teams cooperating.

"We are ready to share our best practices," Matytsin said, as reported by BelTA.

"We, the Union State, must demonstrate a constructive yet principled approach to the protection of the true values of sport."

A resolution of a joint collegium of the two ministries was also agreed with meetings also moving onto production of equipment.

Sergei Kovalchuk, the Sport and Tourism Minister of Belarus, remarked that roller skis was brought up in conversation and that they are interested in producing ammunition for shooting.

Matytsin commented the two countries should work closer on their "sports calendar, scientific research and interaction between university communities".

He added: "We are not closing ourselves off from the international community.

Oleg Matytsin has insisted Russia and Belarus are open to working with countries who do not politicise sport ©Getty Images
Oleg Matytsin has insisted Russia and Belarus are open to working with countries who do not politicise sport ©Getty Images

"We are ready to cooperate with countries that support our position on the inadmissibility of politicising sports, disqualifying athletes."

Both nations have been being largely excluded from international sport following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Belarus’ support to Russia.

Numerous International Federations have imposed sanctions on the two countries in response to the aggressive military act, including being unable to stage events.

Russia and Belarus have set up new competitions in wrestling, handball, biathlon and athletics.

More than 800 events across 48 sports are scheduled to take place in 2022 and 2023.

Belarus is due to stage the second Commonwealth of Independent States Games between August 3 and 15 next year with around 3,000 athletes set to participate.

The initial programme has a list of 20 sports.

The United Nations has reported that 4,889 civilians have been killed and 6,263 injured so far due to the war, though it insists the true figure is considerably higher.

The global organisation has also suggested that at least 12 million people have fled their homes since the invasion, including an excess of 5.2 million refugees crossing European borders.