The Global Esports Federation is aiming to establish the Universal Framework on Esports Standards and Certification ©GEF

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has announced the establishment of a study group to help create a universal set of principles, guidelines and recommendations for the gaming and esports community.

The development of the "Universal Framework on Esports Standards and Certification" is set to be led in coordination with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with the overarching aim of of establishing a "global point of reference".

"Our ambition is to create a universal framework that will act as a catalyst in assuring our commitment to building a safe, healthy, and more inclusive esports ecosystem," said Thanos Karagrounas, executive director for strategy and impact for the GEF.

Chaesub Lee, director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, added: "The ITU and the GEF are building valuable bridges between our communities and the standards focus of this new GEF initiative introduces significant potential to strengthen our collaboration yet further."

The study group is set to focus on four areas including "safeguarding", "education and coaching", "tournaments and events" and "governance and ethics".

Two focus groups are due to be formed in the hope of leveraging scientific evidence, industry practices, and expert insights to create the universal framework.

The science and technology focus group is expected to use experience and expertise from international organisations including the ITU, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and World Health Organization as well as academics and experts.

The community focus group has been tasked by the GEF to ensure the involvement and participation of athletes, gamers, publishers, and developers.