The WFDF met with the EUSA in Slovenia ©EUSA

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) visited the European University Sports Association (EUSA) headquarters in Ljubljana, with both parties looking to formalise their existing working relationship in the future.

Two WFDF representatives - secretary general Volker Bernardi and anti-doping officer Jörn Verleger - met with EUSA secretary general Matjaž Pečovnik, sports manager Miha Žvan and assistant sports manager Mariano Carcatella in the Slovenian capital.

Discussions continued over plans to make a cooperation agreement between the organisations official, through the potential signing of a memorandum of understanding.

One option suggested could allow the European Flying Disc Federation to sign as a third party.

Frisbee has been suggested as a EUSA sport in future ©Getty Images
Frisbee has been suggested as a EUSA sport in future ©Getty Images

Bernardi and Verleger presented a detailed introduction to flying disc sports, including organisational requirements and the potential inclusion of its disciplines, such as ultimate and beach ultimate frisbee, at the European Universities Games and European Universities Championships.

The WFDF has already suggested that flying disc be part of the 2024 European Universities Games in Debrecen in Hungary as a demonstration sport, following talks with organisers.

Both EUSA and the WFDF will also explore the possibility of including beach ultimate frisbee in the European Universities Beach Championships.