Volodymyr Prodyvus has responded to criticism from former national coach Dmitry Sosnovsky ©IBA

Boxing Federation of Ukraine (FBU) and new International Boxing Association (IBA) vice-president Volodymyr Prodyvus has accused former national coach Dmitry Sosnovsky of changing his priorities from "sports to financial ones" after receiving criticism of his leadership. 

Previously, Sosnovsky had called Prodyvus a "traitor to Ukraine" for associating with Russian-born IBA President Umar Kremlev and questioned the legitimacy of the most-recent election conference, saying there were "great violations".

Prodyvus, who was elected as IBA vice-president by the new IBA Board, following their election at the Extraordinary Congress on May 14 in Istanbul, was critical of Sosnovsky, suggesting he was having a crisis after retirement.

"Dmitry Sosnovsky has made an excellent coaching career in amateur boxing, but closer to its completion, he has changed his priorities from sports to financial ones," said Prodyvus in a statement given to insidethegames. 

"The Ukrainian boxing team cannot develop properly if the head coach is much more concerned about his own PR (public relations) and well-being, but not about the sports results of his boxers.

"Before Dmitriy Sosnovsky's retirement the FBU helped him to make his dream came true - to publish a documentary book about his achievements in boxing. 

"Most likely, the retirement turned out to be much more boring than Dmitry imagined, which caused his desires to claim unsubstantiated statements.

"I hope that soon the crisis of retirement age will pass for Sosnovsky, and he will continue to live a happy, carefree life."

Dmitry Sosnovsky, right, was critical of Volodymyr Prodyvus' tenure as FBU President ©IBA
Dmitry Sosnovsky, right, was critical of Volodymyr Prodyvus' tenure as FBU President ©IBA

Sosnovsky is a supporter of Kirill Shevchenko, the unsuccessful candidate for FBU Presidency who said the December 2021 election was illegitimate. 

Two-thirds of the 24 regions who elect the President must be present for the FBU election, meaning 16 are needed.

Eleven regions did not participate according to the Kyiv Post, meaning the election was five representatives short of the necessity quota.

FBU general secretary Ilya Gurovich said it was held within the "compliance with all necessary statutory procedures", according to IBA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.