World Rugby is due to choose the hosts for four World Cups ©Getty Images

The World Rugby Council is expected to rubber-stamp the hosts of four Rugby World Cups at a two-day meeting beginning tomorrow.

Hosts for World Rugby’s flagship events for the next decade are anticipated to be Australia, England and the United States.

Australia is due to be the main beneficiary having already been declared as the preferred candidate for the men’s Rugby World Cup in 2027 and the women's event in 2029.

Australia will make history within that timespan as it hosts the men’s competition for an unprecedented third time and the women’s tournament for the first time.

It previously co-hosted the men's World Cup with New Zealand in 1987 and later staged the 2003 edition.

England, having staged the women’s event in 2010, is the preferred candidate to host it again in 2025.

It will become the only country to have hosted the event twice.

The US is expected to be awarded the men’s 2031 edition.

The United States is set to be awarded the 2031 edition of the men's Rugby World Cup ©Getty Images
The United States is set to be awarded the 2031 edition of the men's Rugby World Cup ©Getty Images

USA Rugby has entered "exclusive targeted dialogue" with World Rugby for the 2031 event as well as for the women's 2033 World Cup.

The host for the 2033 iteration is not scheduled to be named at the Council meeting under the timeline previously outlined by World Rugby.

US President Joe Biden has written a letter verifying that the Government is in favour of staging the two competitions.

Both would mark the first time the US has held the marquee rugby union events.

Russia had previously shown interest in hosting the available Rugby World Cups, but World Rugby has suspended the Rugby Union of Russia in response to the war in Ukraine.

Russia also cannot be awarded major events at this time because of sanctions imposed on the country by the World Anti-Doping Agency in response to the cover-up of a state-sponsored doping programme.

The international calendar is expected to be discussed at the Council meeting in Dublin, but World Rugby has denied the Russian suspension will appear on the agenda.

A live show and press conference are due to take place after the meeting.