Bhutan is set to host the first international-style archery event next month ©Getty Images

The Bhutan Archery Federation in collaboration with the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) and Woezer Events is set to hold the Bhutan Grand Prix, the first ever international-style archery event, next month.

During the Bhutan Grand Prix, the top eight archers will be considered for the 2022 Asian Games selection pool, while being paid during the whole training. 

After the instruction period, the best four will have the chance to represent Bhutan at the 19th Asian Games, scheduled to be held in Hangzhou from September 10 to 25 this year.

The Bhutan Grand Prix is scheduled to take place from May 12 to 15 at the Changlimithang Stadium in the capital and largest city Thimphu. 

In terms of equipment, all interested players from Bhutan are welcome to register for the biggest compound archery tournament in the country using their own apparatus. 

The apparatus will be no different from the usual ones - mechanical bow with levering system - composed of cables and pulleys to bend the limbs and the aluminium arrow. 

Use of accessories like sights, scopes and triggers will be encouraged in the four-day competition, while attractive prize money will be awarded to the top three archers.

The Grand Prix registration will remain open until Wednesday (April 20).

The Bhutan Archery Federation and Woezer Events signed a Memorandum of Understanding to organise the Bhutan Grand Prix ©Bhutan NOC
The Bhutan Archery Federation and Woezer Events signed a Memorandum of Understanding to organise the Bhutan Grand Prix ©Bhutan NOC

Archery is broadly considered to be the national game of Bhutan, with a significant number of locals practicing the sport. 

Changes in equipment have made it difficult for them to compete at world level, but traditional archery matches remain community-wide events involving traditional culture. 

Refined equipment has been imported to replace conventional bamboo bows and arrows. 

Archery became Bhutan's national sport in 1971 while their National Olympic Committee (NOC) was established in 1983. 

In 1984, Bhutan appeared for the first time in the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, with three men and three women archers representing the country. 

Since then, Bhutan has sent archers to every Summer Olympic Games through universality invitations.

Of Bhutan's 23 Olympic entries, 19 have been archers. 

Bhutan Archery Federation aims to continue supporting archers to represent the country in international competitions.