The Olympic Federation of Ireland formed a Gender Equality Commission earlier this month ©Getty Images

The Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI) President Sarah Keane has vowed that the National Olympic Committee will "play our part and act upon these measures", following the publication of a European Union (EU) report featuring recommendations for promoting gender equality in sport.

A 41-page document entitled Towards More Gender Equality in Sport covers eight topics for developing actions - gender mainstreaming, intersectionality, gender budgeting and funding, policy monitoring and evaluation, education, communication, coordinators for gender equality and men as allies.

Six key areas of engagement cover participation, coaching and officiating, leadership, social and economic aspects of sport, media coverage and gender-based violence.

Among the recommendations are setting a 50 per cent representation quota for women in all decision-making bodies and fix term limits, promoting equal contract conditions and ensuring labour laws are applied, supporting and protecting whistleblowers and encouraging the development of initiatives to increase coverage of women's sport and ensure that female athletes are fairly portrayed.

The report was prepared by the EU's High-Level Group on Gender Equality in Sport, established at the end of 2020 by EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

Keane declared the OFI's commitment to its proposals.

"It has been a privilege to contribute to this important body of work to help shape the future of Gender Equality in Sport at EU level," she said.

"The report is designed to provide a simple and actionable roadmap for stakeholders across the EU in a position to influence the future.

"Here in Ireland, as across the EU, it is vital that we all play our part and act upon these measures.

"They are tangible and will make real changes so that sport can genuinely be considered a place where all are welcome, regardless of gender.

"Leadership is vitally important in driving these changes, so we call on everyone in positions of influence, men and women, to act upon these recommendations."

The OFI's Gender Equality Commission chair Lochlann Walsh also welcomed the report's recommendations.

"This report provides a great number of specific, measurable and attainable goals," Walsh commented.

"It is up to each of us to ensure that we integrate them into our planning and set clearly defined time-frames for action.

"Gender equality makes us all stronger and more representative of the athletes who participate, or who should feel welcome to participate, at all levels in our sports."

The OFI formed its Gender Equality Commission earlier this month, comprising of six individuals including the chair Walsh.