Taekwondo New Zealand President Jin Keun Oh has pledged in a New Year message that the organisation will continue to strive for a good relationship with the country's NOC ©Getty Images

Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) President Jin Keun Oh has used a New Year message to pledge that the organisation will continue to "strive for a good relationship" with the country’s National Olympic Committee.

TNZ was controversially reinstated as a full member of World Taekwondo (WT) by the sport’s governing body earlier this year.

Under a vote held by WT, TNZ replaced World Taekwondo New Zealand (WTNZ), in a decision described by WTNZ as "unconstitutional."

Multiple groups have claimed to be the governing body of taekwondo in New Zealand since 2016.

TNZ says one of its aims for 2022 is to continue good relationships with the New Zealand Olympic Committee, as well as Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand.

President Oh also writes that TNZ will select four national teams for "systematic training" and that coaches will be appointed to each team.

Oh added that the first national competition to be carried out under the ranking system is set to take place, while seminars and meetings are due to be held with instructors to improve and develop taekwondo clubs.

The President also referenced the appointment of New Zealander Jamie Lee Carpenter to the WT Council earlier this year, describing it as "an impressive and significant achievement."

Oh concluded: "Things are in plan for the best. 

"In 2022, our Board members and I will do everything possible to become a more evolved Taekwondo New Zealand, so rest assured."