World Taekwondo New Zealand elections have been delayed ©World Taekwondo New Zealand

World Taekwondo New Zealand has announced changes to its election timetable - with voting originally scheduled to have concluded by now.

Instead, the results will be not be known until March 25, and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was due to take place last week has been given a March 28 date.

An Interim Board is in place at World Taekwondo New Zealand following a governance dispute in the country.

More than one group had claimed to be the governing body for taekwondo in New Zealand, but World Taekwondo said last year that it still recognises the original Taekwondo New Zealand, which was renamed as World Taekwondo New Zealand.

The Interim Board had been established to help cement World Taekwondo New Zealand's position and was tasked with drawing up a new constitution as part of its governance efforts, as well as overseeing elections.

Voting is already underway for the four Executive Board positions - President, vice-president, secretary general and treasurer - having opened on Wednesday (March 10), and is now set to close on March 24.

Results are set to be announced the next day ahead of an AGM on March 28, although a venue has yet to be determined.

Jung Joo Kim is standing for President, calling for better a structure to promote taekwondo across the country.

Jin Keun Oh is also standing for the role, and has focused on quality training and creating new revenue streams to support athletes.

Jamie Carpenter and Kesi O'Neill are standing for the vice-president role, Mike Hennessy and Darryl June are standing for secretary general and Shaun Allport and Amanda Hight are standing for the role of treasurer.