Afghan athletes are stranded in the country following the Taliban takeover ©Getty Images

Afghanistan's Paralympic Chef de Mission, Arian Sadiqi, has castigated the international sporting community over the lack of aid in evacuating the country's athletes following the Taliban's seizure of power.

Sadiqi had posted a plea for help on social media, calling on people to offer humanitarian assistance as Afghanistan's Paralympians' lives are at risk.

"I am deeply and profoundly disappointed with the international community, especially the APC (Asian Paralympic Committee), IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and IOC (International Olympic Committee) and rest of the sports organisations!" Sadiqi told insidethegames.

"To date what have the IPC done to help these vulnerable and Paralympic athletes?

"Is there anyone from the IPC to come forward and meet with me to say what they have done to help evacuate the athletes and save their lives?

"In fact, they haven’t even reached out despite the fact that we meet with the members of the IPC many time in Tokyo Games and raised our concerns about these athletes.

"Frankly speaking, this is very shameful; especially when the IPC prides itself as an athlete centred organisation!

"It’s the collective responsibility of the international community to help me evacuate the Paralympic athletes from Afghanistan before it’s too late.

"It’s the responsibility of these sports organisations to help.

"Otherwise, tomorrow these organisations will be held accountable in the eyes of the international law!

Arian Sadiqi sent out a plea to help evacuate Afghan athletes ©Arian Sadiqi Facebook
Arian Sadiqi sent out a plea to help evacuate Afghan athletes ©Arian Sadiqi Facebook

Gestures are not enough to save these athletes as Sadiqi is deeply concerned for their safety.

"Many athletes are stuck in Afghanistan, I am only in contact with the handful of the female Paralympic athletes who are messaging me every day and asking about their evacuation and raising concerns about their safety and security," he added.

"Under the new regime, there will not be a Paralympic Movement in Afghanistan, especially amongst the female athletes.

"Is this concerning and alarming for the APC or IPC and/or the rest of the sporting world?

"For these Paralympic athletes their participation and being a part of.

"Paralympic movement was their only happiness and reason to live for, but what hope and aspirations are going to be there for them?"

The public has the power to instigate change and Sadiqi has pleaded for people to take on responsibility.

"The people need to come together to voice their concerns and pressure their Government and national sports federations to join efforts and help evacuate the athletes," concluded Sadiqi.