Maxime Beaumont won the men's K1 350m International Canoe Federation Canoe Sprint Super Cup in Oklahoma City ©ICF

Maxime Beaumont won his third straight International Canoe Federation Canoe Sprint Super Cup title in Oklahoma City today as he defeated Hungary’s K1 1000 metres Olympic silver medalist Adam Varga and Belarus’ Dzmitry Natnchyk, who tied for second.

The Frenchman, who, at 39, is undecided whether he will attempt to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics, held on over the K1 350m distance to secure gold in 1min 7.8sec.

"It is a great result for me, because all day I’ve been hearing I am the oldest athlete here," Beaumont said. 

"To win it three times, a hat-trick, is a great honour."

Earlier in the day, Varga of Hungary won gold in a unique K1 1000m race, which included a compulsory portage, where athletes climb out of the water and run for several metres carrying their boats.

Varga came home in 4:29.14, with Croatia's Antun Novakovic in second in 4:41.71 and Guillaume Burger of France in third in 4:44.68.

"I did marathon a long time ago, but it was a long time ago, so it was very hard for me to do a portage race again," Varga said.

"But I managed so I am very happy, but tired. 

"I’m very tired after all the travelling, from Tokyo to Hungary and then Hungary to here."

Chile’s María Mailliard beat the Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalists in the women's C1 1000m, while Germany’s Conrad Scheibner of Germany and  won the men's C1 1000m.

Maillard, who was an open water swimmer, said her experience in the other discipline helped her.

"I really didn’t know much about this race before I came here, I was so worried about the portage," she said.

"But I think I did well. 

"I tried to save my energy during the first 350, because I knew I had a good finish. 

"I raced for many years as an open water swimmer, so I think that helped me. 

"I had a bad performance at the Olympics, so at least I have a first place here."f

Martin Fuksa of the Czech Republic won his second C1 Super Cup title, beating out Scheibner in the 350m in a time of 1:17.1.

"I’m very happy to be here and to compete against the best athletes in the world, and I hope this helps me ahead of the world championships," Fuksa said.

Serbia’s Kristina Bedeč won the women's K1 1000m and 350m.

In the women's C1 350m, Ukraine's Liudmyla Luzan took gold in 1:25.59.