Virtual seminars were held for organisers of World University Championships and World University Cups ©FISU

Virtual meetings have been held for organisers of World University Championships and University World Cups in 2022 and 2024.

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) invited Organising Committees from around the world to discuss their preparations over the course of five days.

FISU Technical Committee chairs and other members of staff also attended as insight and knowledge was shared by more than 100 people per session.

Topics covered included the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing, media, finance, anti-doping and the sport itself.

Ivana Anicic gave a presentation on the organisation of the 2018 FISU World University Championship Handball in Rijeka, Croatia, which was particularly appreciated by participants.

"It was our first time organising this seminar virtually," said Julien Carrel, FISU's World University Championships manager.

"It will not replace face-to-face meetings, but we have received some really good feedback that will help us to further develop the seminar in the future."

World University Championships are held in years when the World University Games do not take place, to give student athletes another high-class competition to compete in.

Sixteen events are currently scheduled for 2022 - in cross-country, ski orienteering, speed skating, sport climbing, golf, beach volleyball, triathlon, orienteering, squash, futsal, modern pentathlon, rowing, canoeing, shooting, mind sports and waterski and wakeboard.

Sixteen World University Championships are currently scheduled for next year ©FISU
Sixteen World University Championships are currently scheduled for next year ©FISU

Only the speed skating event went ahead in-person in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while mind sports took place virtually.

University World Cups see universities compete against each other - instead of national teams.

Events in 2022 are planned in American football, cheerleading, 3x3 basketball, finswimming, floorball, football, handball, powerlifting, rugby sevens and combat sports.

"This seminar is a very good and effective tool, not only to deliver the necessary guidelines and regulations but also to encourage the exchange of communication between the various Organising Committees and FISU as well as among the Organising Committees themselves," said Gernot Hupfauf, the general manager of the 2022 World University Championship Sport Climbing in Innsbruck.

"It is a great 'kick off' about one year prior to the respective event which helps every Organising Committee to channel their already invested efforts and collected information into the right direction and gives a kind of boost to enjoy working for all of our common goals to deliver a successful event."