The IESF has announced the launch of its Athletes' Committee ©IESF

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has announced the establishment of the Athletes’ Committee, which the organisation says will help protect players’ interests.

The IESF say the four-person committee is composed of diverse backgrounds, countries and regions covering different game titles.

Tiffani "Oling" Lim will serve as the chair of the Athletes’ Commission.

Lim is a Malaysian Dota 2 player, while the IESF have highlighted her work in the community and as an advocate for player rights.

Lim is also the pro tem President of her local Esports Players’ Association and the head of marketing and public relations of the esports organisation Battle Arena Malaysia.

She will be joined on the Athletes’ Commission by Pedro "Barboza" Barbosa, Simona "Monny" Ivanovska and Freddy "Zubscop" Mazila.

Barbosa is a Portuguese eFootball PES player and a quality technician in the aeronautic industry in Portugal.

He is also the coordinator of the Athletes Commission in the Portuguese Esports Federation, a role he has held since 2020.

Ivanovska is a psychologist and an esports enthusiast who specialises in FPS titles.

She has also taken up the role of development coordinator in the Macedonian Esports Federation since 2020.

Mazila represents Namibia and used to be the Tekken champion for three years running, while he is now a graphic designer.

Tiffani "Oling" Lim will serve as the chair of the Athletes’ Commission ©IESF

"Today the term ‘esports player’ already means something very different than it did a decade ago, yet we still have many prevalent systemic issues regarding player rights - organisers get away with unpaid prize monies, and players sign uneven contracts and get exploited unknowingly," said Lim.

"As ex and current competitive players we have encountered our fair share of issues, and thus we are able to share our experiences so our fellow players don’t have to run into the same walls as we did.

"We will do everything within our capacity to provide a safe avenue for players to seek help from."

The IESF say the Athletes’ Committee will place the protections of players’ interests as their top priority while ensuring IESF stays rooted and in touch with the interests of players with continuous cooperation.

The Athletes Committee is reportedly working on establishing and distributing a standard contract template for organisations and players’ reference.

The committee is also expected to develop a series of workshops to educate players about their legal rights, protection and where to seek help, and helping to develop and shape a coaching license system, which is also a career option for retired professional players.