FITEQ chairman Viktor Huszár believes the sport made great strides in 2020 and has high hopes for 2021©FITEQ

International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) chairman Viktor Huszár has set a target of increasing the number of National Federations to "at least" 150 by the end of 2021 as part of plans to accelerate the growth of the sport.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Huszár believes teqball is continuing to gain momentum across the world.

FITEQ has added 90 National Federations since it was established in 2017 and received a major boost last November when the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) accepted its application for full membership.

Huszár, one of the founders of FITEQ, has now pledged to develop teqball even further by taking the sport to more countries.

"With GAISF now recognising FITEQ, I think we can say that teqball is closer to becoming an Olympic sport than not becoming a sport at all," said Huszár.

"Usually you need 40 to 50 years for such an organic growth but consciously we try to speed up this process.

"This only happens with the support of National Federation, clubs and athletes.

"Everyone is saying COVID is making life difficult.

"But COVID has given us the opportunity to get the federations and the systems in place.

"I still look at this as a time where we can really progress and fast-forward the sport in many countries.

"By the end of 20221 I really hope to see at least 150 teqball federations."

In November last year, FITEQ donated more than 50 tables to the Teqball Federation of Ghana and Huszár said he wanted to implement similar initiatives in 2021.

"We are focused on social change," Huszár said.

"What can you give if not hope and the chance to play sport.

"Teqball doesn’t have limitations.

"Our responsibility is to take the table to places where no other chance would enable them to access it.

"You cannot really describe how you feel when you see kids playing in random, remote places.

"We are more than proud of this."

Although the global health crisis continues to cause disruption to the sporting calendar, Huszár is hopeful of staging more events this year.

"Competitions have started and there is a calendar of events on the website," Huszár said.

"We hope that the World Championships can be easily held by the end of the year.

"At worst, we might be in a bubble where we can safely hold the competition.

"Health is the priority and we want fairness."