Antidoping Switzerland has received a Government funding boost ©Antidoping Switzerland

Antidoping Switzerland has signed a new agreement with the head of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) Federal Councillor Viola Amherd, giving the organisation financial support in the fight against anti-doping.

It will increase funding for Antidoping Switzerland, who recently developed an improved anti-doping plan with the Federal Office of Sport and Swiss Olympic.

The new framework agreement with the DDPS will run until 2024.

The DDPS is one of seven departments of the Swiss Federal Government.

Both parties stated that credibility was a common interest, with the finances helping to further provide a strong and reputable anti-doping plan.

This will look to expand training for staff, improve surveying and international collaboration and looking to keep up with doping networks who continue to improve their sophistication.

To help tackle these challenges, the DDPS has increased its financial support for Antidoping Switzerland, gradually increasing from the annual amount of CHF2.73 million (£2.27 million/$3.09 million/€2.51 million) currently to CHF3.45 million (£2.87 million/$3.9 million/€3.18 million) in 2024.

Antidoping Switzerland is also set to get a funding boost from Swiss Olympic soon ©Getty Images
Antidoping Switzerland is also set to get a funding boost from Swiss Olympic soon ©Getty Images

A similar adaption of the agreement with Swiss Olympic, which will also provide an increase in funding, is set to be signed soon too.

"The decisive basis for the increase in support was the observation of the partners that Antidoping Switzerland is today very well-positioned and enjoys a very good reputation both nationally and internationally," read a statement from Antidoping Switzerland.

"Antidoping Switzerland welcomes this agreement.

"It is convinced that these additional resources will enable it, in the medium term, to have the essential resources to credibly lead its fight against doping in favour of clean sport."