The Olympic Channel's Olympic Day Workout campaign was recognised by the 2020 Peace and Sport Awards ©Olympic Channel

The Olympic Channel has been awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 2020 Peace and Sport Awards in recognition of its Olympic Day Workout campaign.

Olympians from around the world were encouraged to host the 24-hour live workout challenge, interacting with their fans and inspiring them to get active.

The digital campaign, launched on June 23, is understood to have generated 19 million impressions, three million video views and 120,000 interactions in a single day.

The 2019 International Automobile Federation European Rally Championship (ERC) in Cyprus and Olympique Lyonnais (OL) Foundation’s Together against COVID-19 project were all nominated for the Special Jury Prize.

Mary Byrne, editor in chief at the Olympic Channel, said she was "very humbled" to secure the award which aims to recognise an initiative that uses sport to promote dialogue, social cohesion and peace.

"Thank you so much for this honour," said Byrne.

"Firstly I want to congratulate our fellow nominees.

"The ERC Cyprus Rally with the special stage that they did and also the OL Foundation and the work that they are doing to support all of those who are fighting COVID-19.

"I especially want to thank Peace and Sport and your vision and your mission to build peaceful communities through the power of sport.

"It is a wonderful message, especially in these times.

"I especially want to give thanks to the jury for the Special Jury Prize.

"This is a project that has meant so much to us.

"It is such a special opportunity to engage with the world to get everyone active, so thank you very much and especially the online community as well."

Pyrros Dimas, a third-time Olympic gold medallist in weightlifting, announced the winner of the award.

"The nominees for the Special Jury Prize were all outstanding," said the 49-year-old of Greece.

"They really prove that sport can encourage populations and unite communities.

"The Olympic Channel’s project encouraged so many people worldwide to exercise during the lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"What a great achievement."

The winner of the Champion of Peace of the Year award is expected to be revealed tomorrow.