Peace and Sport has joined forces with the Global Esports Federation ©Peace and Sport

Peace and Sport has agreed to join forces with the Global Esports Federation (GEF) as it looks to use gaming as a tool for building social cohesion.

The organisations say the partnership will support the development of youth-capability programmes, especially for the vulnerable, as well as facilitating education and training initiatives.

As part of the agreement, the GES will also help to foster inter-community dialogue for peacekeeping and diplomacy.

"Esports is very popular among the youth and their wide accessibility can play an important role in enhancing education and in transmitting positive values," Peace and Sport President and founder Joël Bouzou said.

"Today, we are very pleased to conclude this partnership with the Global Esports Federation and to contribute, together, to building peaceful communities, towards a safer, more equitable and inclusive world."

GEF President Chris Chan said the rise of esports and gaming demonstrated a capability to "transcend borders, language and bridge cultures".

GEF President Chris Chan believes esports can
GEF President Chris Chan believes esports can "transcend borders, language and bridge cultures" ©Getty Images

"In addition to traditional sports, virtual and digital forms of sport provide for inclusive tools that offer a platform of connectivity and social cohesion," added Chan.

"These opportunities can help to build understanding and strengthen communities regardless of individual stories and differences.

"We are honoured to partner with Peace and Sport and continue to further the Global Esports Federation’s commitment to build a safe, inclusive, and healthy esports eco-system that celebrates and inspires youth."

The Singapore-based GEF was launched last December and is backed by Chinese technology company Tencent.

Its inaugural Global Esports Games are scheduled for December 2021, with 20 countries said to be interested in hosting.

The event will rival the International Esports Federation's (IESF) World Championship, which has run for 11 editions and also traditionally takes place in December.