The IWF has held a technical officials seminar in Tokyo ©IWF

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) held a technical officials seminar in Tokyo ahead of the rescheduled Olympic Games next year.

The seminar took place over two days at the Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel in Yokohama.

Two international technical officials participated in the event alongside 17 national technical officials, with one taking part online.

The seminar was led by IWF Technical Committee secretary Reiko Kato Chinen and focused on four topics.

The first was an update on preparations for the Olympic Games, following the postponement of Tokyo 2020 to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chinen also outlined the International Federation "flow" at the Tokyo International Forum, which will serve as the weightlifting venue at next year's Games.

Athlete uniforms and authorised identification for the Games were other topics discussed.

The latter was discussed regarding the International Olympic Committee's Rule 50 and its regulations on advertising at the Games.

The marks of manufacturers, products and National Olympic Committees must fit within the rules, regarding both number and size.

The seminar also saw each technical official make a short presentation and statement of determination for officiating at Tokyo 2020.

Countermeasures were in place to reduce the risk posed by coronavirus ©IWF
Countermeasures were in place to reduce the risk posed by coronavirus ©IWF

The IWF said the second day of the seminar saw participants divided into four groups to perform role plays, regarding the weigh-in procedure and studying the chief marshall's skills.

Different scenarios were outlined to participants to highlight the important parts of each role.

Chinen also explained the IWF's video playback technology.

The Japanese Weightlifting Federation hosted the event, with restrictions introduced amid a coronavirus spike in the capital.

Changes included participants' hotel rooms being changed from doubles to singles, countermeasures being in place during trips between the seminar site and the submission of forms outlining health status.

Body temperature was measured upon arrival and at the beginning of the second day.

Masks were required in the meeting room or at the hotel, while a face shield was also required during the role play activities.

Disinfectant was provided, while arrangements for dinner were also amended.

Participants are also required to participate in a daily health check for two weeks after the seminar.