The RusAF Reinstatement Commission met today following delays ©Getty Images

The Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) Reinstatement Commission has met virtually today to discuss proposals for how the body can instill a zero-tolerance attitude towards doping in Russia, after the meeting was twice postponed.

A roadmap detailing RusAF's plans must be submitted to World Athletics by the end of the month.

The meeting was originally set for August 14 and then moved to August 18, but again postponed.

However, RusAF says it took place today and members discussed a draft of the roadmap, with a final document to reflect what was raised during the meeting.

Andrey Konokotin, the sports director of the Russian Olympic Committee who is additionally the secretary general of RusAF at present, RusAF legal adviser Irina Lyuboserdova, Russian Anti-Doping Agency director general Yuri Ganus and deputy director general Margarita Pakhnotskaya, as well as Deputy Sports Minister Odes Baysultanov, were all present.

International Olympic Committee member Yelena Isinbayeva and Maria Aglitskaya are also part of the panel, representing the RusAF Athletes' Commission.

Before the meeting, Konokotin told Russia's state-run news agency TASS that the final document would be sent to World Athletics next week.

Two-time Olympic pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva is a member of the RusAF Reinstatement Commission ©Getty Images
Two-time Olympic pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva is a member of the RusAF Reinstatement Commission ©Getty Images

RusAF is currently suspended by World Athletics, with the Reinstatement Commission formed to aid attempts to restore the body's membership of the International Federation.

Earlier this month, RusAF paid World Athletics $6.31 million (£4.8 million/€5.32 million) to avoid expulsion. 

RusAF has been suspended for five years.

It initially missed a July 1 deadline for fine, but Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin committed to ensuring it would pay World Athletics $6.31 million.

Missing the first deadline led to the process by which select Russian track and field athletes were able to compete under neutral status being suspended.

The fine from World Athletics came after an investigation into an anti-doping rule violation by world indoor high jump champion Danil Lysenko.

Seven RusAF officials - including then-President Dmitry Shlyakhtin - were charged by the Athletics Integrity Unit with obstructing an anti-doping investigation by forging documents to explain Lysenko's missed tests.