The Nippon Festival is the official cultural programme of Tokyo 2020 ©Tokyo 2020

Details of the Kabuki x Opera "Luminous, The Lord" event have been announced by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee.

Forming part of the Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival programme and presented by ENEOS, the event is on April 20 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, one of the Tokyo 2020 event venues.

The Nippon festival is an official cultural programme of the Games, being held from April to September, promoting a symbiotic society, diversity and opportunity.

As one of four Tokyo 2020 Nippon Festival contributions, Kubuki x Opera will be based on the theme "Celebrating the Start of the Games", featuring performances embodying "integration and coexistence between western and eastern cultures and comparisons between the traditional and the modern".

One of Japan’s most famous kabuki actors, Ichikawa Ebizo XI, and renowned opera singers Anna Pirozzi and Erwin Schrott will collaborate on stage, accompanied by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra to create a one-night special that transcends cultural boundaries.

The storyline will be newly created and based on various kabuki story masterpieces, portraying the battle between good and evil in the world of the deities.

The performance will also reflect the Tokyo 2020 Games visions – "Unity in Diversity" and "Connecting to Tomorrow".

"It is an honor and a privilege to be given an opportunity to celebrate the opening of the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival," Ichikawa XI said.

Pirozzi is also honoured to be a part of the production.

"I will be performing for the first time in front of a wonderful audience that I have been told are very passionate about the arts," she said.  

"It is all so overwhelming to sing arias from famous operas on stage directed by an acclaimed kabuki stage director."

Anyone can apply for participation in a lottery for sales of the programme tickets on February 14 until February 24.