Sanya 2020 merchandise has gone on sale, with officials attending a ribbon-cutting at the official shop ©OCA

Sanya 2020 merchandise has gone on sale as the build-up to the sixth Asian Beach Games continues.

Products available include stuffed toys of deer mascot Ya Ya, bags, handicrafts, badges and textiles.

An official shop has been set-up in the lobby of the Mangrove Tree Resort World Hotel in Sanya Bay.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held here and attended by Zhou Jun, the deputy mayor of Sanya and also the deputy secretary general of the Organising Committee. 

Two other shops are also selling products at Zhanfang Floriculture Center in the Chinese city.

Merchandise is seen as an important part of Sanya 2020 as local products can help promote "Chinese style".

Deer mascot Ya Ya is now available to buy ©OCA
Deer mascot Ya Ya is now available to buy ©OCA

It also allows the local population to participate in the Games.

The Asian Beach Games will be held between November 28 and December 6 this year.

Sanya is located on Hainan Island, which has never hosted a continental multi-sport event before.

In October, organisers revealed their emblem and slogan.

The motto for the Games is "See Ya in Sanya!" while the logo features a coconut tree, an athlete and a deer.