The workshop saw athletes receive financial advice ©Twitter/TTOlympic

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) held a career development workshop which was aimed at helping athletes with financial planning.

It took place over two days at TTOC headquarters with athletes from boxing, cycling, karate, football, volleyball and athletics among those present.

A programme called "Your Money, Your Life, Your Future" was presented by Katherine Elizabeth Ramatali, a chartered accountant from Goldfinch Business Solutions.

Her presentation was designed to provide athletes with a greater understand of budgeting and sports funding.

The TTOC said the programme received a high level of participation and interaction from the athletes present.

Athletes were given information about the elite funding programme and preparing financial documents.

This included insight on how athletes could make "prudent and appropriate" financial investments.

Guidance was provided by Ramatali and Andre Baptiste, another chartered accountant, on the impact and importance of seeking sponsorship.

They stressed an athlete's attitude and public persona needed to be "positive and impactful".

Rheeza Grant, TTOC's project officer of athlete services and programmes, also presented at the workshop.

She explained the role of the TTOC's athlete welfare and preparation fund, which was established by the organisation's President Brian Lewis.

The second day of the workshop included a presentation on how athletes can improve mental toughness using neuroscience and data.

Advice was also given on how athletes can build a brand.

The TTOC say requests were made for a similar workshop following the completion of the event.