Russian Umar Kremlev is being investigated by the Disciplinary Commission ©BFR

A further charge has been added to the pending disciplinary case against Umar Kremlev after the Russian accused Gafur Rakhimov of lying and "deceiving the entire boxing community" in a statement released following an Extraordinary International Boxing Association (AIBA) Executive Committee meeting last week.

insidethegames exclusively revealed Kremlev and fellow AIBA Executive Committee members Emilia Grueva and Volodymyr Prodvyus were facing an investigation from the Disciplinary Commission for alleged breaches of the ethics code.

In an update to AIBA's membership, Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane confirmed the proceedings against the three officials and said "an unethical statement quoting falsehoods" from Kremlev would be part of the probe into the Russian.

Kremlev claimed AIBA had "got rid of the man who deceived the entire boxing community, saying that he would pay off all debts and find a common language with the International Olympic Committee (IOC)".

"He brought AIBA to the risk of bankruptcy and he should apologise to the entire boxing community," he added.

The Boxing Federation of Russia secretary general, first vice-president of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC), and Ukraine's Prodvyus are being subjected to the investigation because of "alleged criminal convictions".

AIBA, which is reviewing every Executive Committee member after it was suspended as the Olympic governing body for the sport by the IOC, believe both provided false information about their past.

Bulgarian Grueva is being investigated for making public statements critical of the AIBA leadership under Moustahsane.

The Moroccan accused Grueva, who called for him to resign before the Executive Committee meeting in Geneva, of unethical conduct.

In his update, Moustahsane wrote the Executive Committee had "approved to pass to the AIBA Disciplinary Commission’s decision the report of the Ethics Commission on Mr. Umar Kremlev and Mr. Volodymyr Prodyvus (both on alleged criminal convictions in the past) and Mrs. Emilia Grueva (on unethical conduct)".

The move has sparked a backlash from EUBC Executive Committee member Nenad Borovcanin, also President of the Serbian Boxing Federation, who accused the AIBA leadership of undemocratic actions and claimed the Disciplinary and Ethics Commissions lacked credibility.

The Russian is facing a separate ethics charge for calling Gafur Rakhimov a liar after the AIBA Extraordinary Executive Committee meeting in Geneva ©Getty Images
The Russian is facing a separate ethics charge for calling Gafur Rakhimov a liar after the AIBA Extraordinary Executive Committee meeting in Geneva ©Getty Images

Kremlev – whose offer to personally clear AIBA's debt and the lack of due diligence carried out on it was a factor in the IOC suspending its recognition – and Prodvyus had tabled a motion of no confidence in Moustahsane and Ethics Commission chairperson Jost Schmid at the extraordinary meeting but it failed to pass.

"I would like to remind you that AIBA has been suspended by IOC, out of which it is clear that existence of Disciplinary or Ethics Committee of AIBA does not have any credibility," Borovcanin wrote in a letter to Moustahsane. 

"The only decisions we will respect are the ones made by IOC bodies.

"We kindly ask you not to start reform of AIBA this way. 

"Disqualification of people who do not think the same is quite opposite to democracy. 

"Democracy means free and elections. 

"Candidates which will be disqualified by IOC, will not be accepted by us. 

"However, disqualification by AIBA would be contrary to democracy at this moment."

The latest developments in the protracted saga are likely to be noted by the IOC Monitoring Committee, chaired by Nenad Lalović and which is analysing AIBA's progress towards reinstatement.

AIBA was last week stripped of any involvement in the boxing tournament at next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo by the IOC.

The IOC has left the door open for AIBA to return after Tokyo 2020 but the embattled body has been warned it must correct failings in its governance, finances and refereeing and judging if it is to be reinstated.