The WBSC have unveiled the new logo for the Under-19 Women's Softball World Cup ©WBSC

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) has unveiled the logo for their pinnacle youth women's international softball competition, the Under-19 Women's Softball World Cup.

The new logo will first be used at this year's World Cup, taking place in Irvine in California from August 11 to 17. 

It marks the first step of the re-branding process of the Softball World Championships into Softball World Cups.

The under-19 tournament will become the Under-18 World Cup in 2020, with the logo also moving across to the new competition. 

The logo shows a softball pitcher in an iconic windmill position, with the circle lines representing the traditional movement of the throwing arm and the dynamics and speed of the sport. 

The forward movement of the image expresses the continuous path of growth that softball has been on in the last years and the commitment to continually develop the sport. 

The new logo for the Under-19 Women's Softball World Cup ©WBSC
The new logo for the Under-19 Women's Softball World Cup ©WBSC

Yellow and orange are predominant in the logo, with the traditional yellow ball representing the singularity of the sport and the dream of earning a gold medal.

The full tournament logo will include the official name of the event, the WBSC mark, the host nation's flag and city, as well as the year of event.

"This will be one of the most important years in softball history, with two global events and three Olympic qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Games," said WBSC softball division chairman Tommy Velazquez. 

"The next generation of Olympians will be playing in Irvine, in August, under the new brand identity, showing the world we're modernising our sport and moving in the right direction, setting the tone for a brighter future."

The under-19 Women's Softball World Cup will feature 16 of the best junior softball teams in the world.