Djibouti have called for an EGA to be held later this year ©ANOCA

A new election to choose the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) President could be held if a campaign spearheaded by those who dispute the controversial results at the General Assembly in Djibouti in May is successful.

Djibouti National Olympic Committee (CNOSD) President Aicha Garad Ali sent a letter to ANOCA general secretary Ahmed Abu Elgasim Hashim, seen by insidethegames, which calls for an Extraordinary General Assembly to take place in Prague later this year.

It would be staged alongside the Association of National Olympic Committees General Assembly in the Czech capital, due to take place from October 31 to November 3.

The CNOSD have also proposed establishing an ANOCA Ethics Commission.

An agenda item entitled "Presidency of ANOCA" and "setting up of the ANOCA Ethics Commission", under the heading of "Consideration of the events of May 2017 in Djibouti", has been proposed.

insidethegames understands the CNOSD are gaining support for their motion, which needs to have been backed by two-thirds of the ANOCA membership 30 days prior to the meeting to force the organisation to hold new elections.

Lassana Palenfo was re-elected President of ANOCA by acclamation during the General Assembly in Djibouti in May. 

Palenfo was the only candidate permitted to stand following the disqualification of Cameroonian rival Hamad Kolkaba Malboum.

Malboum's accreditation for the event was revoked by the ANOCA Executive Committee after he was accused of illegally using the Government in Cameroon to campaign on his behalf. 

It was not officially announced by ANOCA, who gave no reason for the decision.

Malboum, head of the Cameroon National Olympic Committee and a vice-president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, denied any wrongdoing.

He pledged to take his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Djibouti have called on ANOCA to hold the General Assembly following the disputed election results in May ©CNOSD
Djibouti have called on ANOCA to hold the General Assembly following the disputed election results in May ©CNOSD

It appears Kalkaba was referred to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Ethics Commission.

insidethegames understands, though, that the IOC refused to interfere in the row, instead telling ANOCA to rectify the issue internally.

"I am compelled, in my capacity as President of the National Olympic Committee of Djbouti, to request the convening of an Extraordinary General Assembly on the sidelines of the General Assembly of ANOC to deliberate on this matter which according to the communication by the IOC Ethics Commission must be addressed internally," Ali, a member of the IOC, wrote in the letter.

"The meeting will allow the General Assembly, which is the supreme organ of the ANOCA, to exercise its statutory powers, given it was not allowed the opportunity to do so in Djibouti, not having been informed of the oral communication of the IOC Ethics Commission on May 8 2017, as indicated in the communication sent out.

"I am counting in your cooperation and the support of my colleagues of the African NOCs for this session to take place under excellent conditions and that integrity, transparency and good governance as recommended by the Olympic Charter, and which represent the key points of the 2020 Olympic Agenda, will be restored in our midst."

Should the proposal from Djibouti receive the required support of two-thirds, it would not affect the other elections which took place in May.

insidethegames has contacted ANOCA for comment.