The JOC has launched an awareness campaign and new logo, pictured, ©JOC

The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) has launched an awareness campaign in a bid to highlight the "efforts and sacrifices" that the country's athletes make in order to become champions.

The campaign, called You Are a Champ, will be advertised across Jordan over the coming month utilising both traditional and social media channels to ensure it "inspires the next generation of champions".

The launch video focuses on the challenges that athletes face in their daily lives and the effort required to reach the podium.

“It’s very important that people know about these athletes and what they go through to represent Jordan,” said JOC secretary general Nasser Majali.

During the launch press conference, Majali also unveiled the organisation's new logo which is a modernised version of the traditional logo used for the past 12 years.

This comes after the JOC announced in January its intention to send 20 athletes to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo as part of a four-year strategic plan.

The plan, which is the first of its kind in the country, focuses on elite athlete development as well as working to upgrade national sports federations.

The JOC also hope the initiative helps to ensure sport plays a greater role in the lives of Jordanian residents.

Elevating the quality standards of National Federations in the country and making the sports movement there more professional are two of the five strategic points announced by the JOC.

Developing athletes at the top level to improve their chances of success at the Olympic Games and other major international events has also been outlined as a key objective.

The JOC will aim to ensure safety, well-being and empowerment to all Jordanian athletes, while Olympic education and development through sport is also set to be encouraged.

Jordan claimed one gold medal at last year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as taekwondo player Ahmad Abughaush topped the podium in the men’s 68 kilogram category.

It represented the first time the nation had won a medal of any colour at the Games.