CONI chief Giovanni Malagò (right) says he will inform Thomas Bach of Virginia Raggi's (left) opposition to Rome 2024's bid ©Getty Images

Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) chief Giovanni Malagò has said he will meet International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach on Tuesday (October 4) to tell him the news of Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi’s opposition to the capital's bid for the 2024 Games.

Raggi declared her opposition to the bid last week, claiming it would be "irresponsible" to continue with the city's efforts.

The Mayor claimed other services in Rome deserved the funds instead, and said that the city was still paying back debts from the Olympics it hosted in 1960, suggestions Rome 2024 have refuted.

The Five Star Movement politician had expressed constant opposition to the Bid Committee’s attempt at securing the hosting rights for the Games in the build up to her election earlier this year.

As expected, the City Council voted 30-12 in favour of the Mayor's verdict yesterday, effectively bringing an end to Rome’s bid.

The Italian capital’s attempt has not officially been ended, however, with Malagò claiming it is not a decision he can make personally. 

"I have to meet President Bach, it isn't a decision that I can take," Malagò told the Italian news agency ANSA.

"But it starts from the premise that a bid without the backing of the city loses credibility.

"It's rather rare, if not unique, to be stopped three quarters of the way through the race.

"I'll have to tell [Bach] the latest news."

Thomas Bach is due to visit Rome next week, but will meet Paris 2024 officials this weekend ©Getty Images
Thomas Bach is due to visit Rome next week, but will meet Paris 2024 officials this weekend ©Getty Images

The deadline for the submission of the second Candidature Files for 2024 bidders to the IOC is October 7.

Malagò previously claimed that "anything can happen", but admitted he believes it "seems unlikely" that there will be another bid in the next 20 years.

Three candidates now look set to battle for the right to host the Olympics and Paralympics in eight years’ time - Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris.

The IOC President will head to Rome next week, fresh from having visited one of the remaining contenders for the Games, with Bach due to be in Paris tomorrow and Sunday (October 2).

The IOC is due to elect the host city for 2024 at its Session in Lima on September 13 next year.