Niels de Vos will become Championship director rather than chief executive ©Getty Images

Niels de Vos will move from chief executive to a new role and a co-chair will be appointed to serve alongside Ed Warner following the announcement of a new structure for the group organising the International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF) World Championships in London next year. 

The decision to introduce the changes follows three high-profile resignations  amid reports of a power battle between de Vos and Warner and the rest of the Board 

Managing director Sally Bolton, who joined the organisation in May 2014 having previously worked on the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, resigned on Tuesday (February 9).

Heather Hancock, a former managing partner at Deloitte UK and the deputy chair of the London 2017 Board, and Audit Committee chair Martin Stewart, left on February 4.

Disillusionment with various aspects of Warner and de Vos' leadership was reportedly the reason for the departures, including over a possible conflict of interest with their dual roles at UK Athletics.

Warner is also chairman of UK Athletics and de Vos the chief executive.

The changes are aimed at restoring some order.

It is claimed they will introduce "clear separation of the day-to-day delivery led by UK Athletics to a more independent Board with strategic direction and oversight of the Championships".

A new co-chairman is to be appointed to work alongside London 2017 chair Ed Warner ©Getty Images
A new co-chairman is to be appointed to work alongside London 2017 chair Ed Warner ©Getty Images

In line with its agreements with the IAAF, a new co-chair to work alongside Warner will be appointed by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

There will no longer be a chief exectutive, with De Vos instead taking on the position of director for the event, accountable to the London 2017 Board for UK Athletics’ delivery. 

More power will be given to the independent Board to orchestrate the running of the event.

The changes were announced after a London 2017 Board meeting at which the GLA, UK Sport and UK Athletics were represented.

“We are pleased that our discussions outlining the requirements for event delivery have been completed," said Warner.

"The next 18 months will be exciting times for UK Athletics in organising two World Championships on behalf of London 2017 under the leadership of our chief executive Niels de Vos.

"The appointment of a co-chair will assist greatly in ensuring that we can focus effectively on the task in hand.”

insidethegames was told that the three officials effectively walked before they were pushed after having unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow Warner and assume control.

The changes are certainly not a complete overthrow of UK Athletics power on the Board, but do mark a compromise following the criticism.

Concerns remain over progress with little more than a year to go until the Championships begin.