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Buenos Aires subwayMarch 11 - Argentinian capital Buenos Aires has reiterated its forward-thinking approach by unveiling state-of-the-art upgrades to its A-Line subway train service, with plans in place to upgrade all six lines in the city, which would provide "fast and convenient access" for Summer Youth Olympic Games spectators in 2018, according to bid chief Francisco Irarrazaval.

The new train line was unveiled three days sooner than planned by Mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri, with the intention of decreasing travel time and road congestion, as well as increasing standards of facilities on the city's transport links.

A total of 45 new train carriages, all equipped with environmentally-friendly air conditioning technology and security cameras, as well as increased capacity and audio-visual information for passengers, will also feature.

This year also marks the centenary of the Buenos Aires subway system, and to celebrate this occasion, ten of these new carriages will be transformed into artworks by renowned city street artist Martin Ron, with 16 of the original "La Brugeoise"subway cars being preserved and displayed for tourists and residents to visit.

Macri also announced that the City of Buenos Aires plans to purchase another 105 new subway train cars that is part of a broader transport modernisation plan which will involve updating all six subway lines in the city.

163160725Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri unveiled the plans for upgrades to the cities transport system three days ahead of schedule

"The new transport upgrades unveiled today are a significant boost to the Buenos Aires 2018 bid." said Irarrazaval, chief executive of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games bid committee

"If Buenos Aires has the honour of hosting the YOG in 2018, these transportation improvements, combined with our efficient, compact and 'fan-friendly' Games Plan, will also ensure fast and convenient access for all YOG spectators travelling around the city.

"The completion of this major infrastructure project, ahead of schedule and on budget, is another example of the federal and city government working in an effective partnership together.

"The success of this project shows how Buenos Aires can be trusted to deliver a truly wonderful YOG that will make the whole Olympic Movement proud.

"Buenos Aires' campaign for the YOG is a priority for the city and nation and we are pleased to reaffirm that all levels of government are unified behind this bid.

"It has total political support and there is a united effort to help Buenos Aires win the right to stage the 2018 YOG."

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