By Andrew Warshaw

UEFA President_Michel_PlatiniOctober 1 - UEFA President Michel Platini reiterated today he has not given Turkey an ultimatum with regard to the 2020 European Championship finals but that "it was not logical" for the country to maintain their interest if Istanbul stages the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in the same year.

Platini has been widely quoted as saying he wants the 2020 finals to be spread across 12 European cities rather than take place in one country but only adopted that stance once Turkey's bid became increasingly unworkable.

Platini said the matter was not entirely closed but that he couldn't see a way for Turkey to be granted host status.

"We haven't given them an ultimatum but it's very difficult to take position concerning Euro 2020 given that Istanbul wants to host the Olympics 10 days later," he told a news conference following a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in St Petersburg.

"It's not logical for Turkey to present their candidacy for two different events.

"We've told them it's not logical to pursue this and they have upheld their position concerning the Olympic Games so for the Euros we might come to a different decision."

Platini made it clear, however, that his idea of multiple venues across the continent would be a one-off.

"It is an idea that concerns the 60th anniversary of the Euros in 2020, and to carry the game further than just played in one country, and extend it to 12 European cities," he explained.

"Sometimes it is a bit costly and some countries cannot host the Euros because of the forbidding cost.

"We are waiting for feedback to say whether the national associations like it or not and whether in 2020 we can organise a Euro in several European cities - but only 2020 mind you."

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