Technical Delegate and International Technical Official (more information & courses)

All officials working within the Field of Play (FOP) excluding the Technical Delegate, the Referees & Judges, the Organizing Committee and the AIBA Headquarters Staff are called International Technical Officials (ITOs).

Referees and Judges (more information & courses)

AIBA has recently revamped the R&J pathway and enhanced practical procedures to create a clear understanding of what it takes to become an AIBA R&J. This information has been separated into two forms, R&J Management Guidelines and AIBA R&J Manual.

Coaches (more information & courses)

The new AIBA Coaches’ Management System is comprehensive, controlled and centralized; therefore, the quality and performances of Coaches at all levels is constantly improving. The new AIBA Coaches’ Management System is also to prevent any unqualified Coach to have an influence on the image and quality of the sport of boxing

Ringside Doctors (more information)

In order to guarantee that boxers are in a good physical condition and to ensure their safety before, during and after competitions, AIBA continues to work closely with all Ringside Doctors. The Ringside Doctors Workshops are organized regularly to recruit qualified doctors to supervise the medical aspects of all AIBA Competitions.

Cutman (more information & courses)

This relatively new position within AIBA was introduced to ensure the safety of our athletes. The Team Cutman is trained and certified in hand-wrapping, to protect the Boxer’s hands from injury.  Additionally, the Team Cutman specializes in injury prevention (hematomas, lacerations and nose bleeds) and treatment of injuries that may occur.