Hangzhou 2022 organisers revealed that 200,000 spectators filled venues yesterday ©Getty Images

More than CNY¥500 million (£56 million/$68.5 million/€65 million) worth of tickets have been sold for the Asian Games here, it has been revealed with organisers claiming to be experiencing "booming" sales.

Chinese fans have been flocking to events in Hangzhou and the five co-host cities in Zhejiang province, with some sports experiencing sellout crowds over the first five days of competition.

Zhu Qinan, spokesperson for the sport operations centre at Hangzhou 2022, revealed that around 200,000 people attended the Games yesterday alone as he anticipates that numbers to continue to rise.

"The demand for attending events at the Hangzhou Asian Games and ticket sales are booming," said Zhu.

"Tickets have been going very quickly.

"CNY¥500 million worth of tickets have been sold so far and we are doing our best to make these tickets available to potential and interested spectators.

"According to our information, for each event the demand is very strong and the demand for tickets account of 90 per cent of the seats available for each of the events of the non-Olympic sports.

"This is a full embodiment of how the fighting spirit of our athletes have moved our spectators and have attracted them for more amazing moments and our citizens are all welcome to go to these events."

The Chinese martial art of wushu is among four sports on the programme at Hangzhou 2022 which has proven to be a hit with spectators ©Getty Images
The Chinese martial art of wushu is among four sports on the programme at Hangzhou 2022 which has proven to be a hit with spectators ©Getty Images

A total of 40 sports are the programme at Hangzhou 2022 with more than 12,500 athletes participating, making it the biggest Asian Games in history.

The sports range from Olympic sports including athletics, swimming and gymnastics to traditional disciplines such as wushu, sepak takraw and kabbadi.

Zhu described the selection of sports for Hangzhou 2022 as a "fusion of what is Asian and modern, traditional and trendy".

"Among the nine non-Olympic sports we have not only traditional sports enjoyed by people across various regions of Asia such as wushu, sepak takraw and cricket but also emerging sports like skateboarding, sport climbing, squash and mind sports which are highly popular among young people," added Zhu.

"We are striving to meet the viewing needs of different regions, diverse cultural backgrounds and various age groups.

"Compared to other international multi-sport events, the Asian Games has always been more open to new and emerging forms of sports.

"We continuously incorporate modern and evolving sports into our Games that reflect the characteristics of our times.

"We have added many non-Olympic sports that are very popular among the young people."

The Games, originally scheduled to be held last year before being postponed by 12 months due to be COVID-19 pandemic, are set to run until October 8.