Criminal charges have been brought against officers and civilians after a stampede at a domestic football match in Indonesia which killed 131 people ©Getty Images

Indonesian police have brought criminal charges against officers and civilians following a stampede at a domestic football match which killed 131 people.

The incident happened following a fixture between Arema and Persebaya on Saturday (October 1), with Persebaya winning 3-2 at the home of their rivals in Malang.

Malang police chief Ferli Hidayat has been removed from his post following the incident, according to National Police spokesperson Dedy Prasetyo.

The head of the Liga Indonesia Baru, which organises football competitions in Indonesia, is also a suspect, as reported by insideworldfootball.

Nine members of an elite police mobile brigade are being stood down from their roles, while 18 officers responsible for firing tear gas, are under investigation, according to the Associated Press.  

Events that triggered the stampede started when home fans invaded the pitch at the Kanjuruhan Stadium at the end of the match and threw objects and missiles in the direction of players and officials.

In response police fired tear gas, with this leading to fans in the stands to rush for the exits, causing the stampede.

In a news conference, police chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo said club officials had not complied with safety requirements, by allowing a crowd larger than the stadium’s capacity, and abandoning exits.

A candlelit vigil was held for victims of a stampede at the Kanjuruhan Stadium ©Getty Images
A candlelit vigil was held for victims of a stampede at the Kanjuruhan Stadium ©Getty Images

World governing body FIFA advises against the use of tear gas within stadiums to controls crowd, while it also recommends exits are unlocked at all times as a safety measure.

Away supporters had already been banned from the match, due to concerns about potential crowd trouble.

Criminal charges against the unnamed officers and civilians include negligence leading to death or serious injury, and violations of the country’s sports law and ethical code for officials.

If individuals are found guilty, potential penalties include up to five years in prison.

Following the incident, the country’s domestic football league has been suspended, while Arema has been banned from hosting games for the rest of the season.

Security Minister Mohammed Mahfud has said he will lead an inquiry into the disaster, and provide recommendations to the country's President Joko Widodo on how to improve football safety.  

The investigation is due to be completed within three weeks.