Indonesian President Joko Widodo said FIFA offered support following the stadium incident ©Getty Images

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has said FIFA have been in touch with authorities in the country to improve the safety of football stadiums after a stampede led to the deaths of 131 people at a match at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

During a match between Arema and Persebaya Surabaya on Saturday (October 1) in Malang Regency, approximately 3,000 rioting home fans invaded the pitch following the team's defeat, with police claiming they were protecting players from being attacked.

Due to the clashes, a 42,000-capacity attendance fled the scene, leading to a crush - thought to be partially caused by locked doors and steep stairs.

Widodo said FIFA President Gianni Infantino had spoken to him on a phone call offering his support.

"He said if needed, FIFA can help fix Indonesia’s soccer management," Widodo said of Infantino, according to Al Jazeera.

"I want to know the root of the problem that caused this tragedy so that we can get the best solution.

"We need...improvements in the whole management, management of stadium spectators, time, security.

"It must all be fully audited so that this tragedy won't happen again."

Indonesia is mourning the loss of 131 people who died at the stadium ©Getty Images
Indonesia is mourning the loss of 131 people who died at the stadium ©Getty Images

Tensions were expected to be high between the teams, who play in the Super East Java Derby, but Persebaya Surabaya's away fans were banned following recommendations from police, but their requests to have capacity reduced to 38,000 were not followed.

A total of 323 people were injured during the disaster too, with Infantino saying the football world was in "a state of shock" following the incident.

Police reported two of their officers died, while spectators accused forces of being heavy handed during the melee, leading to the stampede.

Football matches in the country have been suspended pending the outcome of investigations.