Ghana Olympic Committee President Ben Nunoo-Mensah is urging women to get more involved in sports leadership ©GOC

Ben Nunoo-Mensah, President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), is urging women to take up leadership roles in sports, therefore meeting the gender requirement for its next administration.

Women are expected to make up 30 per cent of the next GOC Executive Board.

Nunoo-Mensah believes that women taking up leadership positions would change the fortunes of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Nunoo-Mensah attended the 2019 Women's Sports Empowerment Colloquium, organised by the Women's Sports Association of Ghana (WOSPAG) under the theme "Gender Advocacy and empowerment through sports".

Women across sporting disciplines and sports administration were brought together to discuss how to equip themselves for leadership positions.

The GOC President stated that the IOC was making a conscious effort to ensure a fair representation of women and that they needed to accept the challenge.

Numerous dignitaries attended the Women's Sports Empowerment Colloquium in Ghana ©GOC
Numerous dignitaries attended the Women's Sports Empowerment Colloquium in Ghana ©GOC

"You are allowing the men to override you, it is the time women in the sporting fraternity take their destinies into the own hands," Nunoo-Mensah said.

"The men would not give it to you on a silver platter if you don't demand it from them."

He also stated that many women shy away from sports because of the myth that women who engage in it would not be able to give birth, while cultural beliefs are also a hindrance.

WOSPAG President Madam Joyce Mahama believes education is key.

"We can no longer settle for the crumbs like sharing of food and other menial or insignificant positions at the various federations, but it was time we come into the limelight and be part of the decision-making body," Mahama said.

Other dignitaries at the event included Ghana's Paralympic Committee President Samson Deen and deputy director-general of the National Sports Authority in charge of technical Saka Acquaye.