USA secures full team quota for women's wrestling at Paris 2024, but falls short in freestyle. GETTY IMAGES

USA wrestlers had three Olympic quotas in women's wrestling and four out of six in freestyle wrestling after the 2023 World Championships. The women's team managed to secure three berths, but the freestyle team missed out at both weights.

Dominique Parrish (53kg), Kayla Miracle (62kg) and Amit Elor (68kg) all reached the finals in Acapulco to ensure the USA's presence in these weight categories as the top two finishers in each were awarded licences. The USA will have a full team at Paris 2024, as will Japan, who won all six places at the 2023 World Championships.

Canada also took three places with Hannah Taylor (57 kg), Ana Godinez (62 kg) and Justina Di Stasio (76 kg). Luisa Valverde (57kg) and Genesis Reasco (76kg) also qualified for Ecuador, as well as Alisson Cardozo (Colombia) and Yusnylis Guzman (Cuba) in the 50 kg category, Betzabeth Arguello (Argentina) in the 53 kg category and Soleymi Caraballo (Venezuela) in the 68 kg category.

In contrast to the women's team, the USA freestyle wrestlers failed to fill the last two vacancies. Zane Richards (57kg) and Nicholas Lee (65kg) arrived in Acapulco as the main contenders, but Richards lost a tight semi-final to Puerto Rico's Darian Cruz.

Cuba's Alejandro Valdes celebrates his victory at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago. GETTY IMAGES
Cuba's Alejandro Valdes celebrates his victory at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago. GETTY IMAGES

Lee, who had been crowned Pan American champion just days earlier, lost to Mexico's Austin Gomez in the quarter-finals. Gomez went on to win the licence and the USA will have another chance to claim two places at the World Qualifiers in Istanbul, Turkey, from 9-12 May.

Puerto Rico and Cuba took three quotas. Ethan Ramos (86 kg), Jonovan Smith (125kg) and Cruz joined Sebastian Rivera, who had already won a quota for Puerto Rico at the World Championships. Two-time World bronze medallist Alejandro Valdes Tobier (65 kg), Geandry Garzon (74 kg) and Arturo Silot (97 kg) qualified for the final and earned quotas for Cuba. 

Roman Bravo-Young (57 kg) was the other Mexican wrestler to earn a quota. Canada won two quotas in Acapulco with Alex Moore (86 kg) and Amar Dhesi (125 kg). Anthony Montero (Venezuela) reached the final of the 74 kg category and Luis Miguel Perez of the Dominican Republic won a quota at 97 kg.