Continental Combat SAMBO Championships, a qualifier for World Games. FIAS

The European Sambo Championships and the European Youth and Junior Sambo Championships will be held in the Serbian city of Novi Sad from 9 to 12 May. The tournament will be held in the SPENS arena, which is well known to many sambists.

Medals will be awarded in Sport SAMBO for men and women and in Combat SAMBO, also for men and women. The Continental Combat SAMBO Championships will be a qualifier for the XII World Games in Chengdu 2025 for both men and women. 

At the Youth and Junior Championships, medals will be awarded in Sport SAMBO for male and female Youth and male and female Juniors. Athletes in the Youth category can compete in the Junior category and athletes in the Junior category can compete in the Adult category. 

Women's Combat Sambo has never been an official part of the European Championships. At the 2023 European Championships in Haifa, women's -65 kg Combat SAMBO was included, but it was announced as a qualification for the 2023 World Combat Games. 

It is not yet known how many weight categories women's combat sambo will have at the 2024 European Championships.