Dalfsen will host the FIAS International Coaching Seminar. FIAS

The FIAS International Coaching Seminar will be held in the Netherlands on the 3rd of March. The event will take place in Dalfsen the day after the international SAMBO tournament DSI Dutch Open.

Coaches, who are included in the tournament applications from national SAMBO federations are eligible to attend the seminar. The training will take place at SporthalTrefkoele+ from 08:30 to 19:30. Coaches who successfully pass the exam will be awarded a Level 1 coaching qualification. 

Seven international coaching seminars were held last year, one of which also in the Netherlands, in the city of Ommen on 12 March. The other seminars were held twice in Novi Sad (Serbia) and once each in Haifa (Israel), Astana (Kazakhstan), Yerevan (Armenia), Boca Chica (Dominican Republic) and Madrid (Spain). 

Ommen and Dalfsen have become a centre for Dutch SAMBO. In December 2023 the first SAMBO and Judo Tournament took place in Ommen, and more than 100 boys and girls from 5 SAMBO clubs and young sportsmen from eight Judo clubs participated in the tournament, organised by Budo Promotions Ommen. 

In March 2023, the Netherlands Open SAMBO Championships were held in Dalfsen on 11 March, and around 250 athletes from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, the USA, Ukraine, France and Switzerland took part in this tournament. 

In 2024, the National SAMBO Championships will be held in Ommen and the DSI Dutch Open Championships on 2 March in Dalfsen.