Open Sambo tournament was held in the Netherlands © FIAS

The first SAMBO and judo tournament in the city of Ommen (Netherlands) took place on December 2. More than 100 boys and girls from 5 SAMBO clubs, as well as young sportsmen from 8 judo clubs took part in the tournament, organized by Budo Promotions Ommen.

“This was an excellent opportunity to popularize SAMBO among judokas, and we hope that next time there will be even more participants in such competitions,” the Dutch Sambo Federation informed.

The National SAMBO Federation of the Netherlands shared plans for the preparation of the following tournaments: Lichtstad Open Sambo Championship on December 16 in Veldhoven, National Championship on January 20 in Ommen and the DSI Dutch Open Championship on March 2 in Dalfsen.