World champion was the strongest also in 2023 Rissian Sambo Cup © All-Russian Sambo Federation

It is well known that sometimes to win the European or even the World champion title is much easier in sambo than to win a tournament in Russia. But for Mikhail Kahsurnikov (combat sambo, +98 kg) everything looked too easy. 

The World champion was dominant in and was too strong for the opponents in the 2023 Russian Sambo Cup. He defeated Hasan Kharkhacev in the final and retained his title from the previous year.

Everybody was looking for the battle of the last two world champions in 71 kg weight category of sport sambo - Shamil Zilfikarov (2022) and Ramed Gukev (2023), but the latter didn’t come to mat though his name was among the participants. Zilfikarov himself lost to 2023 beach sambo world champion Shamil Tyuyryev in the semifinals. Tyuryaev also won his final bout against Rasul Nash, and Zilfikarov came third. European bronze medalist Tatyana Fedorova won the competition in the women's 50 kg weight category, 2023 Russian champion Milena Khilova was the strongest also in the Russian Cup. 2023 World Cup winner Denis Bakanov was the strongest in men’s sport sambo 98 kg, Maksim Yagunov defeated all his opponents in men’s 53 kg.

In men’s combat sambo Ay-Kherel Khertek and Aleksey Ivanov won the competition in 58 kg and 79 kg weight categories respectively.