The FFE is set to use Coho cameras for Paris 2024 ©Getty Images

The French Equestrian Federation (FFE) is set to use new technology to monitor its horses that compete at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The organisation is set to use Coho cameras which can be installed in horse boxes, stables, and competition and training venues.

It is equipped with various sensors that constantly check the animals.

This allows the owner to see what time the horses go to bed, if they had colic, the temperature of the room, how active they were, and what time they get up.

"We have had setbacks in the last editions, especially in Tokyo, where we have a horse that has colic in the middle of the night, it's a state of anxiety and stress and we say to ourselves that, the earlier we are warned, the more we can intervene," Sophie Dubourg, technical director of the FFE, said on why the technology was selected, as reported by France3.

"The health, well-being and longitudinal monitoring of high-level horses is a major concern for our sport. 

"As part of the preparation for the Paris Games, we wanted to go even further and the Coho solution perfectly met our needs and those of the teams who take care of the horses on a daily basis. 

"The ease of handling and the flexibility of the camera allows it to be used both at home and in competition, which is also a major asset."

Coho allows owners to monitor the wellbeing of their horses when they cannot be present ©Coho
Coho allows owners to monitor the wellbeing of their horses when they cannot be present ©Coho

The camera is paired with a mobile phone application that helps to analyse and detect any problems in the horse's sleep cycle in order to assess its fitness levels.

Coho was created in 2017 by Sébastien Dubois before being fully launched in 2020.

"By having been chosen by the France equestrian team for this contract, we are now allowing the best French horses, and therefore the best medal hopes for France, to be followed by our camera," said Dubois. 

"They benefit from state-of-the-art French technology integrating artificial intelligence that makes it possible to monitor the health and safety of horses as closely as possible in order to optimise their performance. We are pleased to contribute in this way to the influence of French athletes."

Equestrian is set to take place from July 27 to August 6 at Paris 2024 with dressage, eventing, and jumping medals all being contested at the Palace of Versailles.

"This operation is part of the action plan in which the federation is committed and which mobilises unprecedented resources to support the preparation of Olympic couples and ensure the success of France during this very important sporting event," said FFE general delegate Frédéric Bouix.

"The FFE is delighted to have found an answer to our needs from a French start-up that is passionate about horses and is developing a high-performance technology."