Gregory Bodo and Santiago Varela designed the Tokyo 2020 jumping course ©Getty Images

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) have reunited Tokyo Olympic course designers Santiago Varela of Spain and Gregory Bodo of France for the jumping and eventing competitions at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The duo worked together in Tokyo designs where the designs were hailed for "vibrant colours, creativity, sensitivity to Japanese culture," when they were revealed at the Games.

"We went through a thorough evaluation process and selected two individuals both of whom hold a wealth of experience and are renowned for their dedication and impeccable work ethic," FEI President Ingemar de Vos said.

"I am convinced that with their knowledge, creative spirit, and professional attitude, the equestrian community, the spectators and the fans around the world can expect jumping courses of the highest quality.

"Most importantly, they always put the horse at the core of their thought process and produce courses mindful of the welfare of both our equine and human athletes."

The equestrian events at Paris 2024 are set to take place against the backdrop of Versailles.

The fence designs at the Tokyo Olympics incorporated elements of Japanese culture ©Getty Images
The fence designs at the Tokyo Olympics incorporated elements of Japanese culture ©Getty Images

Varela began designing courses at the Club de Campo de Madrid at 14 years old and has been an international course designer for 30 years.

He was technical delegate at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy where he first worked with Bodo.

The pair have worked together on every FEI Jumping World Cup since 2017.

Both men are four-star technical delegates and course designers.

In February this year, Frenchman Pierre Le Goupil was named as course designer for the cross country course at Paris 2024.

Equestrian competition at the Games is scheduled to start on July 29 2024.