Jenni Hermoso has lodged a complaint against RFEF President Luis Rubiales ©Getty Images

Jenni Hermoso has lodged a legal complaint over an unsolicited kiss by Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales.

The Spanish midfielder was kissed on the lips by Rubiales after helping her country capture the FIFA Women’s World Cup crown last month.

Rubiales has continually defended his actions, claiming it was "mutual" and "consensual" but has faced widespread criticism.

FIFA has provisionally suspended Rubiales, barring him from all football activities for 90 days while the world governing body investigates the matter.

Hermoso has previously claimed Rubiales' actions were "against her will” and has now filed a legal complaint against the 46-year-old official.

"Jennifer Hermoso filed an express complaint for the facts that you all know," a statement from Spain’s National Prosecutor’s Office read in a report by the BBC.

"The national court's prosecutor's office will file a complaint as soon as possible.

RFEF President Luis Rubiales has previously claimed his actions were
RFEF President Luis Rubiales has previously claimed his actions were "mutual" and "consensual" ©Getty Images

"The statement took place at the state attorney general's office to protect the privacy of the victim."

A preliminary investigation was launched by Spain’s National Prosecutor’s Office on August 28 after claiming that "the sexual act was not consented".

Yesterday, Jorge Vilda, who coached Spain to FIFA Women’s World Cup glory, was dismissed following the Rubiales scandal.

The RFEF also apologised to players of the national team for the "totally unacceptable behaviour" of Rubiales.

The organisation added that it had opened disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales and wanted a definitive resolution as soon as possible for the damage caused.

Vilda was seen applauding Rubiales during his speech at an RFEF Extraordinary General Assembly when Rubiales defiantly claimed "he would not resign."

Twenty-two members of the Spanish women's team along with Hermoso have said that they will not play for the country until Rubiales quits.